Dear Guest,

For your own comfort and safety, as well as other guests, we kindly ask you to read carefully and observe our Rules of Procedure:


The accommodation of the Guestouse is governed by the conditions described below and published on the Internet, through our website, and is also available in the rooms and at the reception.


CHECK IN: 15h00 / CHECK OUT: 11h30 (regardless of the guest's arrival time at the accommodation).

For check out after 11.30h, only with prior authorization from the Reception. This authorization will only be granted after confirmed room availability. For a possible extension of check out, an extra fee will be charged, as shown at the reception.


Breakfast is served from 8am to 11am and may be included in the daily rate. The accommodation will not serve breakfast before or after the above times regardless of the guest's arrival or departure time.


According to the Normative Instruction of the Ministry of Tourism, it is mandatory upon entry / check-in to complete the FRH (Guest Registration Form) as well as the presentation of valid original document with photo. The same goes for teens 12 to 17 years old. In the case of children (0-12 years), in addition to the identification document (birth certificate or other official) written permission from the parent (both) with notarized signature is required if the child is accompanied by persons other than be the parents themselves.


Bed linen is changed every 3 days and 2 every 2 days. Bed linen and towels may be changed shorter than the above if requested by the guest. For extra changes will be charged the amount of washing of the garment.


a) Maintain conduct consistent with the socio-family environment of the accommodation;

b) Respect the schedules and operating rules of the services offered;

c) To inform the managers of any irregularities that occur in the dependence of the Accommodation, so that the necessary measures are taken;

d) Indemnify any damages caused to the Accommodation;

e) Vacate the room until 11.30h. Failure to meet the departure time and without

prior request and authorization to extend check out, and if the guest is not present at the hotel, the guest may move his / her belongings to the reception or other apartment under the supervision of a manager or guardian. If you choose to extend your stay, you must ask Reception by 10am on the day of check out. If available, the request may be fulfilled;

f) Use housing assets carefully to avoid damage such as staining or tearing of bed and bath linen, damage to electrical and electronic equipment, bed / closet / safe and decoration and lighting objects. Any damage to the goods in your possession will be charged in addition to the daily and other expenses.


g) To use a lodging employee to perform private services;

h) To interfere, directly or indirectly, with the services under the responsibility of the housing administration;

 i) Stay in the same room, people beyond the limit allowed by the type of accommodation, as contracted;

j) Practice acts considered harmful and / or inappropriate to morals and morals;

k) Smoking inside the rooms, bathrooms and other internal areas, the guest must use the outside area of ​​the accommodation for such;

l) Cooking in the rooms. The use of the minibar must be respected, and it is forbidden to bring any kind of food to be cooked or prepared inside the suites.

m) The use of sound at high volume, and there should be respect for silence for other guests, especially after 22h;

n) Extend clothes on the balcony of the accommodation;

o) The possession and use of any type of object or substance legally prohibited or any type of weapon;

l) The practice of sports in inappropriate places or that may pose risks to other users;

m) The use of toys in inappropriate places or that may cause damage to third parties;  

n) Bring animals to the premises of the accommodation;

o) Take to the beach the towels of the bathrooms, being allowed only those available for the purpose;

p) abandon glass containers in inappropriate places such as circulation and leisure areas;


When going on a sightseeing trip or using the common areas of the Lodge, take good care of your belongings such as cameras, phones, backpacks, bags, etc. Never leave these objects loose and unattended. They are the sole responsibility of the owner.

When leaving the room, make sure you have locked the windows and closed the door. Goods and valuables such as jewelry, watches, cameras, telephones, credit cards, identity cards, passports, paper money (euros, pounds, dollars, etc.) must be kept in the room safe, provided free of charge by the accommodation, and it must be properly locked.

The Lodge is also not responsible for damage or theft of vehicles, nor damage caused by weather and nature, such as burglary, fire, acts of vandalism by third parties, etc.

For any information regarding the city, services, tours, medicines, medical assistance, mechanics and suggestions, please ask the guest at the front desk. We are at your service to help you.

It is not allowed to remove from the premises of the bathing suit or other objects owned by it.

Any damages that may be caused to the property of the accommodation, either by the owner of the accommodation or his companions, will be reimbursed at the time of closing the account, taking as reference the values ​​contained in the cost plan and assets of assets, available from the management.

It is not allowed, at any time, the use of sound devices or instruments that disturb, as well as conversations in loud voices, shouting or verbiage that disturb the tranquility or embarrass other guests, especially between 22 and 7 hours. Therefore, from 10 pm onwards, silence must be respected by all, except in internal events of the Lodge, in which all guests will be aware of its completion.

Anyone who proceeds inappropriately, contrary to this regulation or violates legal or moral norms, will be invited to leave the establishment.

When any employee of this establishment is silent and does not respond promptly and correctly, guests are asked to bring their complaints to Management, who will take immediate action.

Accommodation is reserved the right to request the eviction of rooms when verified the use by drunk people, for illegal activities, contrary to morals or morals.

According to the law, “the lodging of minors under the age of eighteen (18) in a hotel, motel, boarding house or similar establishment is prohibited, unless accompanied by the parents or legal guardian”, proving documentary relationship or condition, or even , if accompanied by a larger person, with written permission and notarized signature from the parent, legal guardian or legal guardian.

It is the responsibility of the legal guardian to ensure that adolescents do not remain unattended in private areas (rooms) and common areas of housing, avoiding possible incidents.

Common areas (outside areas, including sidewalks, staircases and parking, for example, and indoor areas such as lobby, TV room, staircases, etc.) are usually third-party traffic, and guests are responsible for their belongings. and minors in these areas.

Compensation for the loss of apartment keys will be made by the guest to the accommodation upon closing of his account in the amount of € 250.00 two hundred and fifty euros.

Expenses that are not covered by the daily rates (consumption in the bar and minibar, and others) will be added to the daily rates.

Upgrading is sometimes possible, sometimes not depending on the occupancy of the accommodation at the time of request. The impossibility of upgrade does not generate any compensation to the guest.

Services such as taxi, pharmacy, rent-a-car, restaurant, sightseeing, etc. are not the responsibility of the accommodation.

The accommodation will not be responsible for objects or values ​​forgotten inside the vehicles in our private parking.

All voltage of the Lodge is 220 Volts.

The belongings of guests lost or forgotten in the accommodation will be stored for a maximum of 03 months, leaving the accommodation free to give whatever destination you find convenient after this period.

The guest house may indicate an external laundry service. If you are interested, please contact the reception.

The omissions in these Rules will be resolved by the Housing Directorate. Complaints and suggestions, please contact the reception or send an email to

We appreciate the preference.

The management